Golden Race CEO: Virtual sports betting can outgrow real sports

Golden Race CEO Martin Wachter thinks virtual sports has “enormous potential” and can exceed revenue generated by traditional sports.

The Malta-based supplier offers several virtual products and Wachter notes the vertical has already enjoyed success in the UK and Italian markets.

As well as having a “very high” adoption rate in African and Latin American markets, Golden Race says virtual traffic is almost on par with real sports in several others.

But Wachter believes catching traditional sports is far from the limit, making the bold prediction it can exceed sports betting in revenue terms.

The Golden Race CEO exclusively tells Gambling Insider: “Our numbers show many other countries enjoying almost the same volume and traffic on virtual sports as real sports, while being way ahead of any other gaming revenue streams.

“In the US, the renewed possibilities for sports betting are similarly increasing the interest in this dynamic, virtual option.

“If we add to these elements the overwhelming preference of younger generations for video games on demand, we can argue virtual sports has enormous potential when it comes to exceeding sports betting revenue.”

Wachter was speaking for the May/June edition of the Gambling Insider magazine. Register for free here to read the full article when published.

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