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Due to many restrictions and regulations regarding online gambling around the world, most online casinos only accept customers from specific countries. Whether you’re based in South America, South Africa, or any other corner of the globe, there’s an international online casino for you! Check out our list right here!

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We help you improve your game and be successful at online casinos. To do that, you need to the knowledge to succeed. That’s why our news section is an invaluable asset to players worldwide. Here, we bring the you the latest and most up-to-date information that directly affect your online casino experience.

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If you're looking for a list of all the best online casinos in the UK, you're in luck because we've identified lots of wonderful online gambling meccas for Brits who enjoy a friendly wager!

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We have taken the time to review and rate some of the best online casinos for German players. Visit page and have a look at the the list of casinos that offer the best bonuses and promotions.

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So if you are looking for the nice and approved Netherlands online casino, please check our gambling venues list together with the fast facts about the Netherlands gambling history and the best ways to play online casino Netherlands for real money.

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We know everything about online gambling in Finland and is glad to share this information with you together with the list of the best online casinos for Finland players.

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Everybody dreams of winning a very large sum of money. What you will be able to afford and how it will change your everyday life.

Biggest Online Casino Jackpot Winners For 2021

World Record Slot Machine Win

What is your definition of luck? Could it be betting 25 cents to win $24 million (€17,861,800)? This is exactly what happened on online casino gaming site PAF based in Scandinavia with a win hit by a lucky man in his 40s from Finland. “I laughed and cried at the same time,” said the winner. He placed a 25-cent bet on January 20, 2013 on the progressive jackpot slot game Mega Fortune operated by NetEntertainment.

Various NetEnt casinos which offer the progressive jackpot games make up the game’s jackpot pool. Operators use these particular funds to pay the jackpot winners. The win, of course, came as a surprise and the Fin couldn’t believe it. It was a dream come true.

Mega Moolah Beats All Competition – New Record to Be Endorsed?

There has seemingly been a champion that outstripped the ace from 2013. On the 28th of September 2018, Mega Moolah has engraved its name in the history of rewarding jackpots for good.

The Guinness World Record seems to have been swished once again by this Microgaming hybrid. A lucky player from Grand Mondial Casino placed an insignificant amount on the famous slot and was rewarded with a gargantuan €18,915,721 million!

At the time of writing – or better yet updating this article – information and details about the lucky winner were nonexistent. The name, age, gender and country of residence are still in the unknown. One thing should be certain, however, this winner is the new Guinness World Record holder. The Guinness Committee is still expected to ratify this win, which shall come to place later in 2019. By that time we hope to learn the identity of this brand-new multimillionaire.

When it comes to our list of top 10 wins, the lucky player slots into the second place due to the conversion rate. Even though this win outstretches the No.1 by €1,2 million, the USD conversion transforms it into a $23.5 million win.

UK Player Hits $17.2 Million

Everyone knows that Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot is one of the most rewarding games out there. Jonathon Heywood from Cheshire, UK, felt its generosity on his skin when he landed a whopping $17.2 million (£13.2 million) jackpot. The 26-year old British soldier won the record-breaking jackpot on October 6, 2015, while he was playing for just 25p per spin. After the win, Jonathon said that everything felt surreal. He couldn’t “come to terms” with the win. But he has vowed to spend most of that money to help treat his sick father. The jackpot hit at Betway and a casino representative expressed their delight for the record win. Even Microgaming’s then CEO Roger Raatgever congratulated the winner and pointed out that to that date the provider had paid out $5.76 billion to lucky jackpot winners.

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